Calgary Sikh Temple Incident: Protest at Calgary Sikh Temple Exceeds 15 Days Duration

Calgary Sikh Temple Incident: In a recent incident at the Dashmesh Culture Centre in Calgary, a commotion broke out during a demonstration at the north-east Calgary Sikh temple, resulting in several individuals being wounded, according to the police report. The conflict prompted police intervention, with an estimated 50 to 100 individuals involved in a skirmish around 7:45 p.m. at the Centre. Two individuals sustained minor injuries during the altercation.

calgary sikh temple incident

Calgary Sikh Temple Incident: The Detail

Prior to the clash, there were two earlier calls to the Centre due to disturbances between protesters and individuals inside the building. Despite the intensity of the situation, no weapons were reported to have been used, and no arrests were made by the authorities.

Gurpartap Baidwan, the organizer of the protest, shared that the dissent was specifically directed towards the temple’s elected leadership committee. The protesters accuse the committee of a series of bylaw breaches, misdeeds, and not adhering to the guidelines of the Sikh faith. Additionally, allegations of neglect and intractability have been levied against the leadership.

The demonstrations reportedly commenced on December 24th, creating an ongoing tension between the protesters and the temple’s leadership. It remains unclear what specifically ignited the brawl, and the Calgary Sikh Temple incident has not been fully disclosed by the Calgary police. It is unknown if any charges have been brought against any individuals involved in the incident.

According to CTV News, the Dashmesh Culture Centre has been approached for further information regarding the Calgary Sikh Temple incident and the allegations made by the protesters. The protesters’ discontent seems rooted in their concerns about the leadership’s adherence to the Sikh faith’s principles and their alleged violations of established bylaws.


As the situation unfolds, the community awaits more information from both the authorities and the Dashmesh Culture Centre regarding the Calgary Sikh Temple incident to gain a comprehensive understanding of the events leading up to the clash and the grievances expressed by the protesters. The incident underscores the importance of open communication and resolution within religious institutions to ensure harmony and unity among their members.

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